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Battle Rollar

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Curator's Notes:

TFC EX-002 Battle Rollar

  • MSRP (USA) (Unknown)
  • Brand Transformers
  • Release Date (Unknown)
  • Packaging Boxed
  • Manufacturer TFC Toys
  • Class (Unknown)
  • MSRP (Japan) (Unknown)
  • Sub-Series (Unknown)
  • Product Line (Unknown)
  • Series (Unknown)
45x45 Instructional Manual
Paperwork Item 1 of 16
45x45 Battle Rollar
Transformer Item 2 of 16
45x45 Energy Sword x2
Part Item 3 of 16
45x45 Hand A (Fingers Spread)
Part Item 4 of 16
45x45 Hand R (Fingers Spread)
Part Item 5 of 16
45x45 Fist L (Right)
Part Item 6 of 16
45x45 Fist L (Left)
Part Item 7 of 16
45x45 Hand O (Open)
Part Item 8 of 16
45x45 Hand R (I love)
Part Item 9 of 16
45x45 Handle for Gun x2
Part Item 10 of 16
45x45 Laser Gun x2
Part Item 11 of 16
45x45 Window/Energy Shield x2
Part Item 12 of 16
45x45 Window/Energy Shield (Front)
Part Item 13 of 16
45x45 Power-Link
Part Item 14 of 16
45x45 Tech Specs Card
Paperwork Item 15 of 16
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 16 of 16


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This figure has multiple modes and add-ons to match it to your taste. Super pose-able due to multiple ball-joints. Clear red accent pieces add those little touches to show they put effort into their design. An awesome edition to your masterpiece or movie leader class Primes that aren't just accessories/ass-ons or changes.

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