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Tiny_2014-05-14_12.19.16 Megatron
45x45 Instructions
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Megatron (UN-09)

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Takara's second re-deco of Classics Megatron.

Tiny_2014-05-14_12.19.16 Megatron
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45x45 Instructions
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45x45 Packaging
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Transformers United is the Japanese version of the current Generations and Reveal the Shield toy lines, but includes some new versions of figures from previous series as well. Case in point, Megatron, who is a reissue of Classics Megatron, or more accurately of Henkei! Henkei! Megatron, who used the same mold, but with a very different paint job. Now I did a review for Classics Megs over four years ago, but considering the time that’s passed and the differences, this guy here gets a full review of his own.

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A dated mode with a goody alt mode and silly wing kibble, but it's got some awesome detailing and lovely paint apps.

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This figure is the masterpiece of this mold. The paint applications are phenomenal. They make this classics mold of Megatron really pop and look as close to Generation 1 accurate as he possibly can. I cannot begin to recommend this figure enough. Articulation is great and so is his scale. Like all versions of this mold, two things that kind of bug me are the wings in robot mode and his face sculpt. The wings however actually are neat in a way as well since they look alien like and they make it a more realistic idea that Megatron can fly right along with his Decepticon seekers and keep up with them also. That feature really kind of adds a neat updated look to the original G1 Megatron as does the style of the futuristic Nerf gun and with the premium paint, it looks nothing like a Nerf gun and more like a futuristic pistol. Megatrons face is a bit off to and not as smooth as it is in G1 with added ridges but it really isn't anything major and doesn't effect him that much in my opinion. It kind of fits in with the futuristic alien look and goes well with the wings. His scope becomes his huge arm cannon just like his G1 mold. It looks fantastic and even has a big Decepticon logo. I can't recommend this figure enough. I have yet to own the other versions of the mold but just from pictures alone, this version is by far the best. If you collect classics this toy is a must have!!

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Definitely the BEST of the three versions of this mold released to date. If you want winged space-gun Megatron, you should only consider this figure. I quite like the deco on this guy, and would keep it even if I bought Hegemon in the future.

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