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MP-09 Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime)

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Curator's Notes:

The new leader of the Autobots after Prime dies. This figure is the first Masterpiece quad changer. Turns into hotrod car/bot and Rodimus bot/winnebago. Trailer turns into a trailer attack platform very much like the original.

Tiny_p9270552 Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime)
Transformer Item 1 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__5__takara Trailer/Weapons Platform
Part Item 2 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__9__takara Laser Pistol 1
Part Item 3 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__10__takara Laser Pistol 2
Part Item 4 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__7__takara Sawblade Hand Attachment
Part Item 5 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__8__takara Welding & Repair Hand Attachment
Part Item 6 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__14__takara Instructions
Paperwork Item 7 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__11__takara Matrix of Leadership
Part Item 8 of 10
Tiny_hot_rod_-_rodimus_prime__3__takara Packaging
Packaging Item 9 of 10
Tiny_pb250002 Tech Spec Card
Paperwork Item 10 of 10
3 Video Reviews
Reviewer: emgo316 (Feb 16, 2011)
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0 votes

Has some problems due to complex transformation. Loose leg panels. Hands do not hold weapons as tightly as one would want.

0 votes

Great figure, kept in mint box. Comes with trailer which hasbro version does not. Only wish takara masterpiece came with a flap to view the toy.

0 votes

This is the best Rodimus Prime figure that has ever been released. I love how it is accurate to the original movie. I also got a color commission by Alex Milne based off this figure.

0 votes

This version is a little better on detail, especially on colors. Very similar, but different. I know this one is hard to get a hold of because of the price so hopefully I get this one someday.

0 votes

I had this but sold it and am waiting for a good price for v.2. The first release of this figure has a very sensitive design in the legs which is prone to breakage; v.2 supposedly fixes this, but it's unacceptable that a $220 toy (with shipping to Canada) comes with such a design flaw in the first place. Also, the yellow fin tends to scrape against the sides of the winnebago, so you have to be very careful putting together the combined mode. The figure looks beautiful, but it has flaws, and if you're planning on getting it, get ONLY v.2.

0 votes

MISB but the Toys R Us version is ok, the MP*9 came with the coin and the coin is awesome in it's own right.Overall ok from what i have read.

0 votes

This is a awesome Masterpiece figure. Looks great. Has two separate face molds you can make him into Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime. The only draw back on this figure is a factory default on all of this production. He is really hard to transform into vehicle mode because of pieces that don't line up or connect right. A newer version has been released fixing this problem.

0 votes

A bit flimsy but overall one of the best characters to come out of Generation 1. Dual robot and alt modes makes it truly a masterpiece.

0 votes

As cool as he is flawed, Rodimus Convoy is a lot of play value (If you dare) packed into a nice size figure. All in all his transformation is mind boggling in it's execution unfortunately he left the design and quality stages a little too soon making for panels and limbs that can easily snap off to issues with his backpack not pegging into place throwing off his stability and the worst offender is the groove for his fin in his trailer being WAY to narrow and scratching deep gouges into the paint and plastic. Now the positive, Rodimus is packed with so many cool action features and accessories that it is hard to stay mad at Takara. I mean they accounted for his movie transformation and added it to the figure in both robot and vehicle modes. I would recommend this figure but only if you are sure you are getting the second release.

0 votes

Hot Rod - Cool robot mode, if not wonky looking for being a futuristic 80's robot. Knees are an issue with the springs being weird sometimes.
Rodimus Prime - Same issues as Hot Rod but with a back pack that doesn't want to clip on.

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