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Tiny_pa190408 Wreck-gar
Tiny_rtswreckgar_weapon Ax
Tiny_wreck-gar_rts Instructions
Tiny_rts_13_a Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

The Junkions return with this updated version of Wreck-gar, capable of riding himself?!

Tiny_pa190408 Wreck-gar
Transformer Item 1 of 4
Tiny_rtswreckgar_weapon Ax
Part Item 2 of 4
Tiny_wreck-gar_rts Instructions
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Tiny_rts_13_a Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4
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Reviewer: 84ironhide (May 14, 2011)
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4 votes

This guy is awesome. If i had the money i would have multiples of each of this mold. So much fun to be had with this guy.

0 votes

No TFTM/season 3 classics collection is complete without at least one of the Junkion motorcycles... and if you have more than one you can have one riding the other!

0 votes

As a HUGE fan of this character, this figure was amazing. The articulation, the paint, just everything in general was simply amazing.

0 votes


0 votes

-Enticing Reveal The Shield packaging with excellent product photos.
-Fuckin' confusing instructions. STUDY THEM CAREFULLY OR YOU'LL BREAK IT.
-Excellent alt-mode for all Junkion figures of this generation. WAY better than G1.
-I absolutely love the color scheme and paint apps. Cool flame decal.
-Great detailing on the swing arm and chain drive. Virtually no robot junk exposed.
-Turn him upside down and Wreck-Gar says "hello!".
-Robot mode is just totally workin' too!
-Great proportion and slimmer than his G1 counterpart. Much more athletic.
-Decent weapons system with his battle axe able to clip to his back.
-Good poseability overall but his knee and hip joints are somewhat fussy.
-Just loving this head sculpt and face detailing! Lot's of character and expression.

0 votes

don't let his asymmetrical look fool you, Wreck-Gar is super posable, and his weapon transformation is genius! Worth getting him AND Junkheap just so you can mount the other's motorcycle mode.

0 votes

This figure is vibrantly colored, and has a super sweet dirt bike alt mode. The transformations is fairly simple, and robot mode has some really good articulation. Now to get more junkions, must have more junkions.

0 votes

I like this figure! It is a good remake and holds true to the movie. I have a couple of them one riding the other. Great addition to a collection.

0 votes

What a great figure and updated representation of Generation 1 Wreck Gar. He looks fantastic. Transformation is a little complicated but easy after being done a few times. The figure itself has some issues and is known to break at times in certain areas. An area on the handlebars broke on mine right after opening it but luckiy I was able to screw it in and fix it. I have read where many others have breaking issues and see many being sold broken for junkers or spare parts. I still love this figure and highly recommend it. If not for some of the QC issues, it would get 5 stars. The 3rd party company Lucky Rogers has recently come out with 2 3rd party sets which adds weapons, armor, and alternate heads and they really look fantastic. They are on the pricey side at around $30 per set but they look worth it! I hope I can either trade for both sets or buy them out right. With that and the fact that there were many junkions, this figure will be very valuable and already is really. Again highly recommended, just becareful with him especially around the handlebar assemblies.

0 votes

Pure awesome compared to the new FOC toys.

When found for cheap like this they make for great trooping building and as fodder for modifation/customizations.

0 votes

A great update to a classic G1 character. Wreck-Gar is done is his proper G1 colors, and sports a very classic style head sculpt. His kick-stand doubles as a very neat pizza-slicer-like ax that looks awesome when displayed in robot mode. His transformation is simple and his articulation and paint are very good as well. No major issues with joint loosness or bad paint here, Wreck-Gar is a perfect addition to any Transformers display and the perfect commander for your Junkion army...

0 votes

I have nothing against Wreck-Gar and his Junkions, but they're not really a favourite of mine. This toy does nothing to increase my affection for them either. I found this figure to be a bit flimsy and fiddly. The transformation never seems to get completed quite right in either mode, and his leg/feet joints are a bit unstable.

0 votes

I like the RTS series to the Classics and Universe line, the Transformations were very well thought out and the figures are well detailed and durable.

0 votes

The vehicle mode looks a little more dirtbike than motorcycle, but looks pretty cool. The best feature is the ability for two Wreck-Gar figures to ride each other or ride/be ridden by JunkHeap.

-1 votes

Pretty good figure, but the bike's too big, and I can never seem to get the bike mode done right. Shame.

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Junkheap, Scrap Iron & Wreck-Gar
Junkheap, Scrap Iron & Wreck-Gar Junkheap, Scrap Iron & Wreck-Gar


Wreck-Gar (UN-18)
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