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Tiny_p3150005 Windcharger
Tiny_rts_windcharger Instructions
Tiny_rts_7_a Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

Scout version of G1 mini-bot Windcharger complete with electro-magnets!

Tiny_p3150005 Windcharger
Transformer Item 1 of 3
Tiny_rts_windcharger Instructions
Part Item 2 of 3
Tiny_rts_7_a Packaging
Packaging Item 3 of 3
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Reviewer: darthdevious (Nov 2, 2011)
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4 votes

This guy was killed for and for good reason. This guy is awesome. Flip out cannons along with a sweet alt mode and tons of possibility makes for a great toy

0 votes

A very nice Scout-class figure. Great transformation and character homage, His hands can rotate inward, bringing out two guns, which is a cool trick.

0 votes

I got the United version from a seller, but aside from the nice Autobot emblem that's been tampoed on his hood, it pretty much looks exactly like the RtS version.

He's a nice Scout class figure with some good posability and I love how both hands can tuck away for fold out "guns"/magnets. I wish that Hasbro made more Scout class figures for their Classics-styled lines.

0 votes

I got him from someone online since I couldn't find this guy anywhere. Pictures alone made me want this guy, luckily I found him for a great price online :D

0 votes

This guy is awesome! I really wish they would make the other Generation 1 minifigures such as Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Brawn, and Seaspray and scale them to this guy! He fits in perfect with any Classics collection. Full articulation, has a cool blaster that flips out on his arm just like in the cartoon series. He looks fantastic in both modes! I can't recommend Reveal The Shield WIndcharger enough!!

0 votes

A very Gi inspired Scout class figure! Transformers into a concept Pontaic Firebird and is painted up in proper red and silver G1 colors. His hands can be transformed into a pair of neat little cannons as well. Transformation is very simple and both modes look great. Windcharger is NOT easy to come by, search high and low, and don't overpay too much if you can help it. If you see him on the pegs in the store though, grab him, he won't be there long and is one of the coolest little Scout transformers I have ever seen...

0 votes

This a fun little Transformer, the only scout class toy that I own, and after looking at the lineup, the only one worth owning. He's a great update of the small Autobot. Easy to transform, very poseable. Not the greatest amount of paint detail but that's to be expected from a smaller sized toy.

0 votes

I like the RTS series to the Classics and Universe line, the Transformations were very well thought out and the figures are well detailed and durable.

0 votes

One of the best Scouts out there, and I can see why a lot of reviewers use this in a lot of reviews in size comparisons.

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