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Solar Storm Grappel

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Curator's Notes:

Remold of Universe 2.0 Inferno to his G1 remold mate Grapple!

Tiny_pa200356 Solar Storm Grappel
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Reviewer: cakedup83 (Dec 29, 2011)
0 votes +1 / -1


4 votes

I almost wished i never got this figure because how great the mold is. It makes me want Inferno so bad. But this guy is awesome. Big, detailed, and great color scheme. Pure win!

0 votes

Awesome piece! Almost close to a Masterpiece version I would say. Got him along with Hotspot & Inferno.

0 votes

Pretty lame slgiht remold of Classics Inferno. The crane arm is boring, and comes off quite easily. His back is also kinda hollow feeling! The arms and head mold might be the only redeeming qualities.

0 votes

I really like the detail in alt mode, and how that translates to robot mode. The robot mode if quite articulate, and looks so good in a G1/Generations display.

0 votes

This is a very nice figure and decent update to Generation 1 Grappel. He scales well with the other classics and looks good overall. His alternate mode is spot on to what he was in the G1 cartoon series and his robot mode is pretty nice also. The one thing that really annoys me is his crane hook. I wish it was removable and stored on his back or something.but luckily it can be positioned to stand up behind his back. Posiability is limited with the extended hook hampering things but he is still a pretty cool and nice looking figure. The hook being permanently attached and limiting poseabiltiy makes me rate him at 4 stars!!

0 votes

A further use for the awesome Inferno mold. The figure looses the water missile and comes with a ladder attachment instead. He has a nice yellow paint job that is clean and sharp, but his head sculpt seems more comic then classic cartoon inspired in color and overall shape. Still, nothing wrong can be done with this mold. Transformation is complex, but not frustrating and the end result looks great in any Transformers collection. A must have, plain and simple...

0 votes

I'm glad I was able to get both Grapple and Inferno together, because it would have been tough to choose between the two. This mold is absolutely amazing, one of the best ever as far as I'm concerned. And it's surprising how well it works for 3 different characters, with just some different paint apps and crane/ladder/gun accessories. A great design!

0 votes

this is a really cool figure. Fully articulate. Dont really know much about him or what he is from. But he looks really cool all the same.

0 votes

A decent figure. The arm is weighed down by the crane a little. The name is a little weird as well. GRAPPLE.

0 votes

I like the RTS series to the Classics and Universe line, the Transformations were very well thought out and the figures are well detailed and durable.

0 votes

I've never owned Universe Inferno, so this was a great chance to get this mold, however I would've Preferred to get Inferno.

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