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Tiny_pa200348 Prowl
Tiny_prowl_trailcutter__2_ Instructions
Tiny_rts_5_a Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

Legends sized G1 Prowl

Tiny_pa200348 Prowl
Transformer Item 1 of 3
Tiny_prowl_trailcutter__2_ Instructions
Part Item 2 of 3
Tiny_rts_5_a Packaging
Packaging Item 3 of 3
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Reviewer: Chosenhorse2 (Feb 16, 2013)
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0 votes

A nice Legends size figure of Prowl. Basic transformation, but looks pretty good. The paint apps look great on this guy.

0 votes

Pretty standard transformation process and model for a legends vehicle, but it might be worth a buy if you're interested in using him for the upcoming Metroplex that scales with legends.

0 votes

really cool prowl. Looks very G1 as far as robot mold goes. in vehicle mode its more of a future looking model. Very articulate and a awesome piece.

0 votes

I like G1 Prowl, and this figure's a good representation of his character in the G1 series. Nice one Hasbro.

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