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Tiny_photo_aug_02__5_29_49_pm Mindset
Tiny_100_5145 Missile x8
45x45 Instructions
Tiny_rts_11_a Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

Remold of Hunt for the Decepticons Hailstorm and a homage to a Decepticon from the G2 comics

Tiny_photo_aug_02__5_29_49_pm Mindset
Transformer Item 1 of 4
Tiny_100_5145 Missile x8
Part Item 2 of 4
45x45 Instructions
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Tiny_rts_11_a Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4
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Reviewer: MightMouse74 (May 5, 2011)
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Hasbro has always been good at military style figs within the TF universe. This guy is no exception. Quite a far amount of detail and very little kibble in alt-mode. I did a bit of research but still couldn't nail down exactly what kind of missle carrier this is. It seems Cold War era but probably western European. In any case, a pretty tight little design.

-The tracks are very realistic and seem like they should roll. Four hidden wheels say otherwise!
-The most dominant feature is the missle rack itself which articulates up and down and swivels.
-Pretty decent robot mode but the first thing that's noticeable is his "monkey proportion".
-His arms are WAY too long for his stubby body. Not a deal breaker but it's odd.
-He's got some decent poseability and articulation, but he won't be doing any high kicks.
-Not too much kibble around back but that's because of his massive missle carrying back pack.
-But the missle launchers are certainly one of his best features. Hugely weaponized and scary.
-Really decent detailing on his head and torso. Looks tough. Some thought was put into this!
-Overall not a bad fig but no compelling reason to buy it.

Rating: PASS.

0 votes

Another movie-verse figure repurposed for a classics character, and the result is somewhat disappointing. The design does not blend well enough with the rest of the classics line for me to want to display him with them.

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Pretty good repaint, and much better than Fallback. The colors on this figure work f much better than Hailstorm.

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