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Tiny_img_2003 Long Haul
45x45 Instruction Booklet
45x45 Packaging
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Long Haul

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Curator's Notes:

Voyager sized figure that transforms between robot and Dump Truck, but does not turn into a Devastator part. On-screen character.

Tiny_img_2003 Long Haul
Transformer Item 1 of 3
45x45 Instruction Booklet
Part Item 2 of 3
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 3 of 3
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Reviewer: Aladar20003 (Jul 11, 2012)
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A great Voyager figure! Big and imposing, a very accurate representation of the character. Legs are a little difficult to get tucked in sometimes though.

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As a standalone member of Devastator, this toy holds up very well. There's a little too much kibble on the arms for my liking, but otherwise it's a great big, heavy monster of a Transformer. The truck mode is wonderful, even better than recent 3rd party renditions, although there were no combiner constraints placed on his design this time.

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What is there not to love about this figure? He sports a great G1-esque paint job and some nice MECH Alive gearing. His alt mode is nice and the robot mode looks great alongside other movie-verse Transformers figures. This is one of the ROTF Voyager Class figures I think every collector should have. He can be found easy and for a good price, he is painted in G1 colors and just looks great displayed on a shelf...

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