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Tiny_42378075-177x150-0-0 Rollbar
Tiny_198fed4645814d39a09b8f2bca5ea83e Instructions
Tiny_img_2949 Gun
45x45 Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

Rollbar is an Autobot who's alternate mode is a orange Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep's gun is stored where the spare tire is located.

Tiny_42378075-177x150-0-0 Rollbar
Transformer Item 1 of 4
Tiny_198fed4645814d39a09b8f2bca5ea83e Instructions
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Tiny_img_2949 Gun
Part Item 3 of 4
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4
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Reviewer: cakedup83 (May 18, 2012)
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Rollbar is great and you can get stickers to turn it into Tantrum. this is the same mold as Hound and Swindle. I would recomend this mold

0 votes

Great Jeep Wrangler mold and awesome colors. The chrome front end sets this one apart from Swindle and Hound.

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Alternators Rollbar's alt mode is fittingly the Jeep Wrangler. However, this throttlebot's iteration is in the color red rather than green, which is logical sense there is Alternators Hound. Additionally, a hard-top version or accessory would have been nice to further differentiate the two. The strong point of the Alternators line is the slavish detail to their alt modes. In bot mode, however, the trade off is the lack of articulation. Rollbar's gun is also a step up from his fellow Alternators due to the fact that it doesn't have to double as his engine. Rather, his gun folds up nicely in his external, spare tire storage.

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