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Whomp whomp. There're no Scorponoks for sale.

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Tiny_zarak2 Scorponok
Transformer Item 1 of 24
Tiny_lord_zarak_1_g1 Lord Zarak
Transformer Item 2 of 24
Tiny_pb190049 Anti-Gravity Gun
Part Item 3 of 24
Tiny_pb190050 Gun Guard
Part Item 4 of 24
Tiny_pb190003 Fasttrack
Transformer Item 5 of 24
Tiny_pb190045 Fasttrack Left Arm
Part Item 6 of 24
Tiny_pb190044 Fasttrack Right Arm
Part Item 7 of 24
Tiny_pb190043 Fasttrack Pistol x2
Part Item 8 of 24
45x45 Repair Elevator
Part Item 9 of 24
Tiny_pb190055 Radar Dish 1
Part Item 10 of 24
Tiny_pb190052 Radar Dish 2
Part Item 11 of 24
Tiny_pb190053 Radar Dish 3
Part Item 12 of 24
Tiny_pb190054 Radar Dish 4
Part Item 13 of 24
Tiny_pb190002 Tower/Shield
Part Item 14 of 24
Tiny_pb190059 Mechanical Repair Arm: Claw
Part Item 15 of 24
Tiny_pb190060 Mechanical Repair Arm: Gun
Part Item 16 of 24
Tiny_pb190051 Dual Photon Cannon x4
Part Item 17 of 24
Tiny_pb190056 Ramp x2
Part Item 18 of 24
Tiny_pb190057 Elevator Platform
Part Item 19 of 24
Tiny_pb190058 Elevator Connector
Part Item 20 of 24
Tiny_pb190002__2_ Scorponok Helmet
Part Item 21 of 24
Tiny_pb190065 Leg Guard x2
Part Item 22 of 24
Tiny_instr_scorponok Instructions
Part Item 23 of 24
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 24 of 24


0 votes

Really wanted to get an original and I scored big time on this one! Only couple pieces missing and in overall great shape!

0 votes

Nice big bot with lots of playability and lots of parts to loose. Anyone trying to collect all the little parts to complete a Scorponok-watch out. Better remortgage your house. My only quirk with him is the colour scheme and the lack of articulation. He is a really cool purple brick.

0 votes

Scorponok, the Decepticon headmaster created by lord zarak on the planet nebulos i believe. Nice coloring and just an overall awesome figure to have.

0 votes

got this one 8 years ago for a steal of a price. Originally had this as a kid but didn't take care of it as I should have. Scorponok is my second favorite headmaster, fortress maximus being the first.

0 votes

The "Oversize supermarket" is a fantastic toy to own. The playability is unbelievable, Not only with the figure itself but as a huge model with several possible positions for its guns.

0 votes

A never ending supply of fun, Scorponok has so many modes and accessories that just seeing what he can do will make an evening quickly disappear!

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