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Overkill/Slugfest 2pk

Best Price

Whomp whomp. There're no Overkill/Slugfest 2pks for sale.

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Tiny_overkill Overkill
Transformer Item 1 of 9
Tiny_pb200021__2_ Missile Launcher (Left)
Part Item 2 of 9
Tiny_pb200022__2_ Missile Launcher (Right)
Part Item 3 of 9
Tiny_instr_overkill Instructions
Part Item 4 of 9
Tiny_slugfest Slugfest
Transformer Item 5 of 9
Tiny_pb200019__2_ Solar-Powered Vibro-Cannon (Left)
Part Item 6 of 9
Tiny_pb200020__2_ Solar-Powered Vibro-Cannon (Right)
Part Item 7 of 9
Tiny_instr_slugfest Instructions
Part Item 8 of 9
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 9 of 9


0 votes

I really wish these guys had appeared on the U.S cartoon. Very cool colours and designs make for a great addition to Soundwave.

0 votes

Actually traded for this guy at one of my local comic shops, very nice deal, goes great with my soundwaves, and soundblasters.

0 votes

One of the best of the cassette two packs, with two dino-modes that are far cooler than the alt mode would suggest was possible. Overkill especially makes this a must have for G1 fans.

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