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Tiny_arcana2 Brainstorm
Transformer Item 1 of 6
Tiny_arcana1 Arcana
Transformer Item 2 of 6
Tiny_pb190036 High-Energy Photon Cannon (Left)
Part Item 3 of 6
Tiny_pb190037 High-Energy Photon Cannon (Right)
Part Item 4 of 6
Tiny_instr_brainstorm Instructions
Part Item 5 of 6
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 6 of 6


0 votes

The intellectual and engineering leader of the Headmasters, Brainstorm cuts a striking figure. Cool futuristic battle jet mode, awesome color scheme, and the wizardry of Nebulan Arcana - if you're going to have just one Headmaster, it should be Chromedome. But if you want a second one, Brainstorm is your bot.

0 votes

Love Brainstorms colour scheme and vehicle mode. I find his robot mode very blocky and stiff. Overall nice figure.

0 votes

This one was given to me by a friend when I was a kid. I really did like this one, just loved the look in robot, and jet mode, and always loved the colors as well.

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