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Ultra Magnus

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Tiny_dsc00199 Ultra Magnus/Truck Cab
Transformer Item 1 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__1_ Car Carrier/Trailer
Part Item 2 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__10_ Laser Gun
Part Item 3 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__6_ Missile Launcher x2
Part Item 4 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__9_ Red Missile x4
Part Item 5 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__25_ White Cab Connector x2
Part Item 6 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__20_ Left Small Fist
Part Item 7 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__17_ Right Small Fist
Part Item 8 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__11_ Left Large Fist
Part Item 9 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__14_ Right Large Fist
Part Item 10 of 16
Tiny_ultra_magnus_g1__24_ Chest Piece
Part Item 11 of 16
Tiny_um4 Head without silver paint
Part Item 12 of 16
Tiny_um2 Head with silver paint
(variant a)
Part Item 13 of 16
Tiny_instr_ultra_magnus Instructions
Part Item 14 of 16
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 15 of 16
45x45 Ultra Magnus/Truck Cab
(variant a)
Transformer Item 16 of 16
1 Video Review
Reviewer: emgo316 (Jan 25, 2010)
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0 votes

manus soo many variants soo little time. Rubber wheels painted face. Plastic wheels painted face plastic wheels non painted face. Cab with Yellow glass Cab with clear glass and cab with no glass. Looks good in car mode brick in bot mode also has crazy long arms if you do not transform him right. not a bad transformer but seems to be hated by alot of collectors. Magnus cab is same as primes just white. Also he was a dialcone with serveral colors red white green and the ultra rare Yellow with clear yellor trailer Shinning Magus as hes known

0 votes

Ultra Magnus was your old Optimus Prime toy, just in white and with a million bunch of extra pieces to lose. This toy actually had LESS articulation than most other G1 toys when fully 'armored up', but made up for it by looking truly awesome in both robot and vehicle modes. A great vintage Transformer.

0 votes

Ultra Magnus has a great vehicle mode. Now his robot mode is where it gets interesting. His trailer basically wraps around a repaint of Optimus Prime.

0 votes

this ultra magnus sucked it's no wonder the second generation did so poorly the toys were not made with any care

0 votes

Using the same basic truck as Optimus Prime Ultra Magnus is just about as cool. And with a voice like Robert Stack

0 votes

My parents got this for me when I was a kid back in '86. I've had this one for a long, long time. This is one of my all time favorites. Vintage is the best.

0 votes

Well he is a cool toy but not 100% like his character. In the movie anwyas. As for comic he is more accurate if you count out the trailer being combined to him. He really has no possablity at all except minor arm movement. He looks most cool in vehicle mode. And is a great piece of history and a very cool piece.

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