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Tiny_trypticon Trypticon
Transformer Item 1 of 23
Tiny_pb190085 Brunt
Transformer Item 2 of 23
Tiny_pb190081 Left Loading Ramp
Part Item 3 of 23
Tiny_pb190082 Right Loading Ramp
Part Item 4 of 23
Tiny_pb190090 Small Tower
Part Item 5 of 23
Tiny_pb190087 Larger Tower
Part Item 6 of 23
Tiny_pb190089 Left Tank Tread
Part Item 7 of 23
Tiny_pb190088 Right Tank Tread
Part Item 8 of 23
Tiny_pb190086 Laser Cannon
Part Item 9 of 23
Tiny_pb190067 Double Barreled Blaster Stand
Part Item 10 of 23
Tiny_pb190069 Single Barreled Blaster Stand
Part Item 11 of 23
Tiny_pb190070 Double Barreled Blaster
Part Item 12 of 23
Tiny_pb190068 Single Barreled Blaster
Part Item 13 of 23
Tiny_pb190066 Small Scanner
Part Item 14 of 23
Tiny_pb190065 Large Scanner
Part Item 15 of 23
Tiny_pb190072 Left Connector
Part Item 16 of 23
Tiny_pb190071 Right Connector
Part Item 17 of 23
Tiny_fulltilt Full Tilt
Transformer Item 18 of 23
Tiny_pb190083 Full Tilt Electro-Disruptor
Part Item 19 of 23
Tiny_instr_trypticon Instructions
Part Item 20 of 23
Tiny_pb190106 Battery Cover
Part Item 21 of 23
Tiny_tryp1 Box
Packaging Item 22 of 23
45x45 Foam Insert
Packaging Item 23 of 23


0 votes

tons of accessories he walks and lumbers just like the cartoon looks awsome in any mode very heavey and well built. a Must have for any collector. the grey plastic accessories are commonly lost

0 votes

Trypticon is one of the bigger toys in the entire lineup. What made this figure really cool was the fact that it walked.

0 votes

I'm going to say that for it's time this toy was awesome and is still awesome now. Keep in mind it does not have the articulation we see nowadays but it makes up for it in size and playability. Don' t forget he walks. Trypticon should have stopped Tokyo and fought Godzilla. That would be awesome!!!

0 votes

I had this one till about 2 years ago as well. Very cool transformer, loved all of the transformations, and has such a cool look. Come how can you go wrong with a t-rex look.

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