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Superion Gift Set

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Whomp whomp. There're no Superion Gift Sets for sale.

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45x45 Superion
Transformer Item 1 of 22
Tiny_instr_superion Superion Instructions
Part Item 2 of 22
Tiny_air_raid_2_g1 Air Raid
Transformer Item 3 of 22
Tiny_airraid Torque Rifle
Part Item 4 of 22
Tiny_fireflight_2_g1 Fireflight
Transformer Item 5 of 22
Tiny_fireflight1 Photon Displacer Gun
Part Item 6 of 22
Tiny_silverbolt_2_g1 Silverbolt
Transformer Item 7 of 22
Tiny_superion Superion Head
Part Item 8 of 22
Tiny_pb180059 Superion Right Foot Stand
Part Item 9 of 22
Tiny_pb180058 Superion Left Foot Stand
Part Item 10 of 22
Tiny_pb180054 Electrostatic Discharger Rifle
Part Item 11 of 22
Tiny_pb180057 Superion Left Fist
Part Item 12 of 22
Tiny_pb180055 Superion Right Fist
Part Item 13 of 22
Tiny_pb180052 Superion Blast Shield
Part Item 14 of 22
Tiny_pb180053 Superion Blast Deflector
Part Item 15 of 22
Tiny_pb180056 Ramp
Part Item 16 of 22
Tiny_skydive_2_g1 Skydive
Transformer Item 17 of 22
Tiny_skydive1 Nega-Gun
Part Item 18 of 22
Tiny_slingshot_2_g1 Slingshot
Transformer Item 19 of 22
Tiny_slingshot1 Neutron Rifle
Part Item 20 of 22
Tiny_pb250045 Packaging
Packaging Item 21 of 22
45x45 Sticker Sheet
Part Item 22 of 22
1 Video Review
Reviewer: mitchsantona (Jun 28, 2012)
0 votes +1 / -1


0 votes

Actually high quality KO but there is no section for those ones, lol.

Awesome figure and quality is impeccable IMO.

0 votes

worst combiner out there hes lanky unsteady and looks wrong in Superion mode he tends to tip over and fall alot also fits very loose chest and cod piece tend to fall off a lot. Buyer beware there are alot of KO Superion gift sets out there. I have one almost imposible to tell from the real one if all stickers are aplied so be ware one dead giveaway is that none of them have rub signs and Superion is missing his factory applied stickers Though they are on the sheet

0 votes

Superion, the Autobots answer to exploring the skies. Figure overall looks good. The legs are a bit flimsy.

0 votes

One of the fan favorite "combiners" - while he could never live up to Devastator's legacy or name, a solid figure that never gets old. He's a little scrawnier-looking than some other gestalts, but still a classic. Plenty of color, and displays well.

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