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Tiny_slingshot Slingshot
Tiny_slingshot1 Neutron Rifle
Tiny_instr_slingshot Instructions
45x45 Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

Air Raid is one of 4 sweet looking jets that can act as an arm or leg for the Autobot combiner Superion. The Aerialbots were part of the first wave of "scramble city" combiners which featured a larger leader figure and 4 smaller figures that could function as any of the limbs of the combined robot. The Aerialbots are notable for the fact that they do not have "attack modes" where their alt modes can use their included weapons. As with many combiners, this sub-series was available both as individuals and as a gift set with all the combiner figures included to make Superion.

Tiny_slingshot Slingshot
Transformer Item 1 of 4
Tiny_slingshot1 Neutron Rifle
Part Item 2 of 4
Tiny_instr_slingshot Instructions
Part Item 3 of 4
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4


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Another awesome G1 figure. He looks almost like his cartoon character. He isnt very articulate at all but most G1 Figures warn t. Combine him with his brothers to make Superion. A very cool combiner. I believe the first autobot combiner toy if im not mistaken. A great piece of history and a very cool piece.

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