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Tiny_scourge Scourge
Transformer Item 1 of 8
45x45 Disintegrator Ray (Front)
Part Item 2 of 8
45x45 Disintegrator Ray (Back)
Part Item 3 of 8
45x45 Disintegrator Ray (Single Piece)
(variant a)
Part Item 4 of 8
Tiny_pb200041 Laser Blaster
Part Item 5 of 8
Tiny_instr_scourge Instructions
Part Item 6 of 8
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 7 of 8
45x45 Disintergrator Ray (Middle)
Part Item 8 of 8


0 votes

Scourge is one of my most favourite toys. Maybe it is the moustache and goat, hard to say. His cartoon character was pretty cool too.

0 votes

I did a video review of this figure where I show the transformation and talk about the figure. http://youtu.be/3bBqWu2xNWw

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