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Ratbat/Frenzy 2pk

Best Price

Whomp whomp. There're no Ratbat/Frenzy 2pks for sale.

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Curator's Notes:

NOTE: This Frenzy has black feet and gold weapons that were not released before, and hence, is NOT MLC equivalent to the original.

Tiny_g1_ratbat_-_alt Ratbat
Transformer Item 1 of 10
45x45 Left Free-Electron Laser/Missile (Silver)
(variant a)
Part Item 2 of 10
45x45 Right Free-Electron Laser/Missile (Silver)
(variant a)
Part Item 3 of 10
Tiny_pb200015__2_ Left Free-Electron Laser/Missile (Gold)
Part Item 4 of 10
Tiny_pb200016__2_ Right Free-Electron Laser/Missile (Gold)
Part Item 5 of 10
Tiny_instr_ratbat Instructions
Part Item 6 of 10
Tiny_frenzy2 Frenzy (black feet)
Transformer Item 7 of 10
Tiny_pb200007__2_ Laser Cannon (silver) x2
Part Item 8 of 10
Tiny_instr_frenzy__gold_weapons_ Instructions
Part Item 9 of 10
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 10 of 10


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Got a great deal on these guys, they are in such great shape, tight joints, and all. I love having the originals, i have the re-issues as well, they are all awesome.

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