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Tiny_img_0556__large_ Rampage
Transformer Item 1 of 8
Tiny_pb180023 Predaking Right Fist
Part Item 2 of 8
Tiny_rampage1 Thermo Sword
Part Item 3 of 8
45x45 Lightning Rifle
Part Item 4 of 8
45x45 Lightning Rifle
Part Item 5 of 8
Tiny_instr_rampage Instructions
Part Item 6 of 8
45x45 Glow In The Dark Movie Poster
Poster Item 7 of 8
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 8 of 8
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Reviewer: emgo316 (Sep 6, 2010)
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This is one of many Transformers that a co-worker gave me. Most all in the collection are mint in box. I love G1 and will not sell these anytime soon.

Missing the box that is all. Plastic version.

0 votes

im enjoying this figure. the version i have is the die cast metal hip piece. the size of this toy is bigger then most deluxes i have on my selves and if you find them. i would grab him.

0 votes

g1 is great., highly collectible and brings back great memories. perfect for a nice display on the desk or shelf

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