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Tiny_predaking Predaking
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Predaking Gift Set

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Tiny_predaking Predaking
Transformer Item 1 of 2
Tiny_instr_predaking Packaging
Packaging Item 2 of 2
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Reviewer: mitchsantona (Aug 31, 2012)
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Overall, Predaking makes a great display piece and is pretty fun to mess around with. There are some QC issues here that sour the mix a bit, but even with his faults, I found him worth the price of admission. The Platinum Edition release is not a particularly bad value either; as of this review, a loose, complete G1 Predaking on eBay will generally run you an extra $100 and the 2010 Takara reissue routinely sells for $150-$200. If you’re looking for the lowest-cost way to get your hands on this, mold, this is your ticket to ride. That said, between the QC issues, a possible reduction in plastic quality and no real effort to make this release appeal to collectors, I’m not at all convinced that we’ve just been given the definitive G1 Predaking.

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Not sure if the one I bought was the giftset but it was a lot easier than going through each Predacon individually. Predaking is un-freaking-believable! Second fav of the gestalts. He's just monstrous compared to the others.

Missing a couple individual accessories but he combines and I have Predaking's gun at least.

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I LOVE BIG BOTS AND I CANNOT HIDE!!... i like combiner bots and predaking is one of the biggest G1 combiners out there!!

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The largest of all the G1 combiners, he's a bulky mess but you gotta love him. Mine is the Platinum Edition with the puny orange Prime Star Saber sword.

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Predaking is the biggest and baddest combiner ever produced. While all the other combines were made from small figures, this one was made from regular sized toys.

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Predaking is by far my favorite Transformer of all time. I haven't gotten around to doing a video review of him yet. I have a 100% complete G1 version and have seen the reissue. My advice is to search for the G1 version since it's not much more expensive than the reissue. I'll link a video review here once I complete it.

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Traded for this one at my local comic shop about 5 years ago, traded a bunch of unwanted action figures, and it was totally worth it

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