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Menasor Gift Set

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Whomp whomp. There're no Menasor Gift Sets for sale.

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45x45 Menasor
Transformer Item 1 of 25
Tiny_breakdown_2_g1 Breakdown
Transformer Item 2 of 25
Tiny_pb180147 Concussion Rifle
Part Item 3 of 25
Tiny_pb180082 Plasma Energy Blaster
Part Item 4 of 25
Tiny_dead_end_2_g1 Dead End
Transformer Item 5 of 25
Tiny_dead2 Compressor Air Gun
Part Item 6 of 25
Tiny_dead1 Plasma Energy Blaster
Part Item 7 of 25
Tiny_dragstrip_2_g1 Drag Strip
Transformer Item 8 of 25
Tiny_pb180146 Gravito Gun
Part Item 9 of 25
Tiny_pb180081 Plasma-Energy Blaster
Part Item 10 of 25
Tiny_wildrider_2_g1 Wildrider
Transformer Item 11 of 25
Tiny_wild2 Scattershot Gun
Part Item 12 of 25
Tiny_wild1 Plasma Energy Blaster
Part Item 13 of 25
Tiny_motormaster_2_g1 Motormaster
Transformer Item 14 of 25
Tiny_pb180067 Roller Car
Part Item 15 of 25
Tiny_pb180068 Menasor Blast Deflector
Part Item 16 of 25
Tiny_pb180070 Ioniser Sword
Part Item 17 of 25
Tiny_pb180069 Menasor Left Fist
Part Item 18 of 25
Tiny_pb180071 Menasor Right Fist
Part Item 19 of 25
Tiny_pb180073 Menasor Left Foot
Part Item 20 of 25
Tiny_pb180074 Menasor Right Foot
Part Item 21 of 25
Tiny_pb180072 Cyclone Gun
Part Item 22 of 25
Tiny_pb170010 Menasor Robot Head
Part Item 23 of 25
Tiny_instr_menasor Instructions
Part Item 24 of 25
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 25 of 25


0 votes

The smallest of all the G1 combiners, he's pretty much a brick with little articulation. Gotta love him anyway.

0 votes

one of my favorite combiners. stays together well chrome sword nice in bot mode. drawback Roadmaster looks like a brick and a joke in bot mode but cool in car mode. Stunticons were the second combiners I got have a set with cardslots of guns for cars very well designed a must have

0 votes

Menasor is a combination of the Stunticons. The Decepticons versions of Autobots. Love the robot mode.

0 votes

This combiner is awesome, one of my favorites from the original G1 cartoon, I wish they would do a newer modern version of this one.

0 votes

This is a really nice gift set and has the entire set included. Menasor was a really cool combiner and he was the second or third Decepticon combiner. Actually he might have been 4th depending on if you include reflector. He was a really dumb character as far as in the cartoon. He wasnt very brainy haha. But his toy is really cool. Not super articulate but thats expected. Looks cool as a display in all modes.

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