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Tiny_hubcap Hubcap
Tiny_instr_hubcap Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

One of 6 new Autobot minicars released in 1986/Series 3, Hubcap is easily confused with the rare yellow version of Cliffjumper and the ultra-rare Bumblejumper. Look for the orange face sculpt and less pronounced rear spolier to ensure identity.

Tiny_hubcap Hubcap
Transformer Item 1 of 2
Tiny_instr_hubcap Packaging
Packaging Item 2 of 2


0 votes

Oh, Hubcap. You are a truly hard toy to find. Almost Cliffjumper with a different colour and head sculpt.

0 votes

Is hubcap a cross between bumblebee and cliffjumper and bumble-jumper. Not sure myself, but is a nice figure to add to you collection

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