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Blast Off

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Tiny_blast_off Blast Off
Transformer Item 1 of 6
Tiny_pb180120 Ionic Blaster
Part Item 2 of 6
Tiny_pb180121 Dual Sonic Cannons
Part Item 3 of 6
Tiny_instr_blast_off Instructions
Part Item 4 of 6
Tiny_pb250054 Packaging
Packaging Item 5 of 6
45x45 Sticker Sheet
Part Item 6 of 6


0 votes

The only real problem i found with blast off like any other of the combiner if your not carefull you can very easily break off his head.

0 votes

One of my favorite bot to one of my favorite Gestalts in the G1 line. Blast Off is a well designed bot since he actually looks good in all three modes. One thing to watch for now that he is almost 30 years old is brittle plastic where the shoulder hinges are meant to stop.

0 votes

Another awesome G1 figure. He looks almost like his cartoon character. He isnt very articulate at all but most G1 Figures warn t. Combine him with his brothers to make Bruticus. A very cool combiner. I believe the second Decepticon combiner toy if im not mistaken. A great piece of history and a very cool piece.

0 votes

great figure. love the details. perfect for display on shelf or desktop. must have for the collectors! love this guy, g1 is the best.

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