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Curator's Notes:

With his flame covered hood, unique head colouring and flying car alt mode, Tracks is a hit now just like he was in '85.

Tiny_img_8122 Tracks
Transformer Item 1 of 8
Tiny_pb200111 Missile Launcher Mount
Part Item 2 of 8
Tiny_pb200110 Left Missile Launcher
Part Item 3 of 8
Tiny_pb200109 Right Missile Launcher
Part Item 4 of 8
Tiny_pb180036 Missile x4
Part Item 5 of 8
Tiny_pb200108 Beam Gun
Part Item 6 of 8
Tiny_instr_tracks Instructions
Part Item 7 of 8
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 8 of 8
1 Video Review
Reviewer: darthdevious (Mar 1, 2012)
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Tracks is an excellent figure and transforms from robot to corvette stingray. He has a nice amount of die cast and rubber tires that make him feel high quality.

Tracks is sort of an unofficial triple changer as he can transform into a flying car.

0 votes

Tracks didn't let something like being a car keep him from exploring the skies. Wings on a car, why not.

0 votes

a transformer with wings? how could anyone not have tracks as a kid? definitely one of the top 20 fomers

0 votes

G1 Transformers are the ones that started it all. Beginning in 1984 and going through 1990. Many of us enjoy these over others.

Looking for a parts Tracks... My legs have Sprung, and its a tad yellowed

0 votes

great figure. love the details. perfect for display on shelf or desktop. must have for the collectors! love this guy, g1 is the best.

0 votes

He's vain, he's a bit of a jerk, and yet we've loved him since 1985. Now, Tracks is coming back: retro.

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