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Whomp whomp. There're no Sludges for sale.

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Curator's Notes:

Less exciting than Grimlock and Slag but boasting a solid robot mode, Sludge is fairly easy to come by in the secondary market, though not always with his chrome in great shape.

Tiny_slude2 Sludge
Transformer Item 1 of 7
Tiny_pb190042 Energo Sword
Part Item 2 of 7
Tiny_pb200032 Electron Cannon
Part Item 3 of 7
45x45 Rocket Pod
Part Item 4 of 7
Tiny_pb180037 Rocket x3
Part Item 5 of 7
Tiny_instr_sludge Instructions
Part Item 6 of 7
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 7 of 7
2 Video Reviews
Reviewer: sportswolf3 (Feb 13, 2013)
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4 votes

Cant get enough Dinobots. This guy was my 1st, and i thought he was going to be my only G1 figure. But after a little time of fiddleing with it i knew i need a whole set of G1 Dinobots.

0 votes

Sludge, the brontosaurus, has such a fan base. I really like this toy. I even paled Reprolabels on him. The feet are just so big though. But hey, it's G1 after all.

0 votes

Another Dinobots who can totally kick butt. Dinobots, once you had one, you had to get them all of course.

0 votes

sludge and snarl are two pretty under-rated characters in the transformers catalog. Its tough being in grimlocks shadow.

0 votes

G1 Transformers are the ones that started it all. Beginning in 1984 and going through 1990. Many of us enjoy these over others.

0 votes

The long necked lookout for the Dinobots on the ground a frankensteinian creation of the Autobots in the original cartoon series.

0 votes

great figure. love the details. perfect for display on shelf or desktop. must have for the collectors! love this guy, g1 is the best.

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