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Price: $15.00

Slag (incomplete)

Seller: Shean Grant
# For Sale: 0
Condition: Good Loose
Included Items: 1/7
Ships From : CA, United States

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Seller's Notes:

Slag figure only, no weapons, accessories or instructions. Has some minor sticker and chrome wear. Tail joint is a little loose when in Dino mode, but holds up pretty well in robot mode. Any other questions, please message me, Combined shipping is available.

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Tiny_dscf1782 Slag
Transformer 1 of 9

Not Included

45x45 Energo Sword
Part 2 of 9
45x45 Electron Blaster
Part 3 of 9
45x45 Rocket Pod
Part 4 of 9
45x45 Rocket
Part 5 of 9
45x45 Instructions
Part 6 of 9
45x45 Slag (Canadian Variant)
(variant a)
Transformer 1 of 9
45x45 Rocket Pod (Red)
(variant a)
Part 4 of 9
45x45 Packaging
Packaging 7 of 9

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