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Curator's Notes:

Along with Kickback and Bombshell, Shrapnell was one of three Insecticons released in 1985. A menacing colour scheme and evil looking insect modes made these low price point figures a constant presence in many collections to this day. Watch for chrome wear.

Tiny_shrapnel Shrapnel
Transformer Item 1 of 5
Tiny_pb190020 Gamma Ray Detonator
Part Item 2 of 5
Tiny_instr_shrapnel Instructions
Part Item 3 of 5
Tiny_pb250057 Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 5
45x45 Sticker Sheet
Part Item 5 of 5


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Another fav. Got all 3 insecticons at a TFCON for $40! Couldn't have passed that one up! For some reason I vividly remember them from when I was a kid.

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Love, love, love this figure! The Insecticons are awesome figures! It's nice to finally get them after all these years.

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G1 Transformers are the ones that started it all. Beginning in 1984 and going through 1990. Many of us enjoy these over others.

Missing the feet on the back

0 votes

Shrapnel is the infamous Insecticon leader, leader. He has an odd stutter, stutter. His toy is very common, common.

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