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Curator's Notes:

Alongside Devestator, Shockwave is undoubtedly a crown jewel in the Series 2/1985 Decepticon line-up. Shockwave was licensed form Japanese toy company ToyCo, and oddly enough a grey version was also licensed and released by Radio Shack in the same year. A great colour scheme and working electronics will always ensure an easy sale of this popular figure. Watch for his arm hose to be cracked.

Tiny_dsc08385 Shockwave
Transformer Item 1 of 5
45x45 Magnetic Impulse Defuser/Laser Barrel
Part Item 2 of 5
Tiny_dsc08389 Battery Cover
Part Item 3 of 5
Tiny_instr_shockwave Instructions
Part Item 4 of 5
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 5 of 5
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Reviewer: sportswolf3 (Feb 21, 2013)
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At the time of its making this was possibly one of the best g1 transformers ever made and my opinion it still holds that title. Highly articulated(for a G1) and equipped with lights and sounds this thing is my favorite g1 figure

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One of the greatest G1 Transformers ever made, bar none. The only weakness is a propensity to be fragile, with brittle plastic issues in several key stress points, leading to a variety of disabilities that can prevent easy display and/or resale. Look for a good condition rubber hose, the Laser Barrel and the Battery Cover intact to identify a great purchase.

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Shockwave, a figure with an alt mode that will never be made in this day and age. Cool futuristic gun, with a cool robot mode.

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G1 Transformers are the ones that started it all. Beginning in 1984 and going through 1990. Many of us enjoy these over others.

Left elbow has snapped, so I need a new one (arm)

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Always so eerily obedient definately a better choice as second command rather than the treacherous Starscream.

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Another awesome G1 figure. He looks almost like his cartoon character. He isnt very articulate at all but most G1 Figures warn t.He is more articulate then most figures. His arms are kind of a pain to move but alot them were. He is a awesome gun and makes really cool sound effects. He also looks really amazing in robot mode. A true decepticon and all in all a great piece of history and a very cool piece.

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