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Curator's Notes:

Roadbuster was borrowed via licensing from the short-run Japanese anime series, Dorvack. With a massive amount of accessories for his class, he is very difficult to find mint, loose and complete.

Tiny_roadbuster Roadbuster
Transformer Item 1 of 18
Tiny_pb200049 Antenna
Part Item 2 of 18
Tiny_pb200051 Control Pack
Part Item 3 of 18
Tiny_pb200052 Left Handle
Part Item 4 of 18
Tiny_pb200053 Right Handle
Part Item 5 of 18
Tiny_pb200060 Infrared Range Finder
Part Item 6 of 18
Tiny_pb200058 Laser Rifle
Part Item 7 of 18
Tiny_pb200059 Linear Blaster Gun
Part Item 8 of 18
45x45 Missile x5
Part Item 9 of 18
Tiny_pb200050 Power Pack
Part Item 10 of 18
Tiny_pb200003__2_ Shrapnel Missile Launcher
Part Item 11 of 18
Tiny_pb200002__2_ Right Large Wheel Cover
Part Item 12 of 18
Tiny_pb200054 Left Large Wheel Cover
Part Item 13 of 18
Tiny_instr_roadbuster Instructions
Part Item 14 of 18
Tiny_pb200056 Left Wheel Cover
Part Item 15 of 18
Tiny_pb200057 Right Wheel Cover
Part Item 16 of 18
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 17 of 18
Tiny_pb250044 Sticker Sheet
Part Item 18 of 18


0 votes

awsome Tf tons of parts armor and stuff great orange and green colors was a bandi re issue for US to fll the gap. not a true TF if you will but awsome bot. never appeared in cartoon or comic as far as i know but he was just damn cool

0 votes

Roadbuster, member of the Wreckers. This figure had lots of pieces to put together. Pretty cool robot and vehicle mode.

0 votes

Roadbuster is a cool figure to have, but when you don't have a lot of accessories, he feels a bland.

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