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Omega Supreme

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Curator's Notes:

Alongside Jetfire, Omega Supreme is the most desired of the Series 2 Autobots. As a tank that could run around a track on battery power and then transform into a massive walking robot almost a foot tall, this was a toy that every collector of Transformers wants a copy of.

Tiny_pb200023 Omega Supreme (Tank)
Transformer Item 1 of 26
Tiny_pb200002 Left Inner Thigh (A)
Part Item 2 of 26
Tiny_pb200003 Left Outer Thigh (B)
Part Item 3 of 26
Tiny_pb200004 Right Inner Thigh (C)
Part Item 4 of 26
Tiny_pb200005 Right Outer Thigh
Part Item 5 of 26
Tiny_pb200006 Left Inner Ankle (E)
Part Item 6 of 26
Tiny_pb200007 Left Outer Ankle (F)
Part Item 7 of 26
Tiny_pb200008 Right Inner Ankle (G)
Part Item 8 of 26
Tiny_pb200009 Right Outer Ankle (H)
Part Item 9 of 26
Tiny_pb200010 Track Part (I)
Part Item 10 of 26
Tiny_pb200012 Track Part (J)
Part Item 11 of 26
Tiny_pb200011 Track Part (K)
Part Item 12 of 26
Tiny_pb200013 Track Part (L)
Part Item 13 of 26
Tiny_pb200014 Track Part (M)
Part Item 14 of 26
45x45 Track Part N
Part Item 15 of 26
Tiny_pb200016 Left Foot
Part Item 16 of 26
Tiny_pb200015 Right Foot
Part Item 17 of 26
Tiny_pb200019 Large Yellow Shield x2
Part Item 18 of 26
Tiny_pb200020 Medium Yellow Shield x2
Part Item 19 of 26
Tiny_pb200021 Small Yellow Shield x2
Part Item 20 of 26
Tiny_pb200022 Backpack
Part Item 21 of 26
Tiny_pb200018 Rocket Top
Part Item 22 of 26
Tiny_pb200017 Rocket Bottom/Claw
Part Item 23 of 26
Tiny_instr_omega_supreme Instructions
Part Item 24 of 26
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 25 of 26
Tiny_pb250042 Sticker Sheet
Part Item 26 of 26
2 Video Reviews
Reviewer: mitchsantona (Apr 26, 2012)
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0 votes

Omega Supreme is a huge transformer with many easily lost parts. Omega Supreme transforms fro robot to Rocket base, complete with his own motorized tank!

Omega Supreme is an impressive figure, but can be hard to find complete, and with functioning electronics.

0 votes

Real fav from back in the day! The big guys were all favs in fact. Only missing few clips but the tank has a couple issues, head come off and it only rolls on the track, no walking... but who cares! IT"S OMEGA SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 votes

awsome Transfomer one f the biggest looks great in both modes. tank flashing lights and it walks what more could a kid want. Omega was a space station and robot lots of pices. Lost parts mainly the yellow clips that held his legs together. Not a Takara toy but a repaint of Toy Box's Mecha warrior 1 which was black and silver and red normally. He would also be followed by other Transformers by Bandi and others...

0 votes

Quick get your batteries out. This toy is awesome. More of a transformers playset. Lots of pieces to put together, but worth it.

0 votes

One of the biggest, baddest and best of all the G1 large toys. A fantastic robot mode is complemented well by an alt mode that is more play set than single toy. The battery operated walking and tank rolling is just a bonus. A great addition to any G1 Transformer collection.

0 votes

omegasuprem is a different typr of transformer in my opinion. He come completly apart to make his base or put hi back together for his robot mode. I really like the self walking ability and the motorized take .

0 votes

The motor systems are busted, but this is hardly noticeable when on a shelf. A small clip is missing for a leg, too.

0 votes

Omega Supreme is one of the Holy Grails of any Transformers collector. With the truly "large scale" figures coming out (Jetfire, Metroplex, Trypticon, etc) having a OS in the mix is stunning. Tank. Robot. Rocket base. There is nothing like it.

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