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Curator's Notes:

Hoist shares the same mold as Series 1 Trailbreaker save for a few select part differences and of course a different colour scheme. Both are derived from the Japanese Diaclone line that contributed several early Transformers.

Tiny_img_6461 Hoist
Transformer Item 1 of 11
Tiny_pb200103 Full Spectrum Multi-Sensor
Part Item 2 of 11
Tiny_pb200154 Left Fist
Part Item 3 of 11
Tiny_pb200153 Right Fist
Part Item 4 of 11
Tiny_pb180010 Twin Blaster x2
Part Item 5 of 11
Tiny_pb180029 Missile x2
Part Item 6 of 11
Tiny_pb200156 Left Radar Panel
Part Item 7 of 11
Tiny_pb200155 Right Radar Panel
Part Item 8 of 11
Tiny_pb200157 Towing Attachment
Part Item 9 of 11
Tiny_instr_hoist Instructions
Part Item 10 of 11
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 11 of 11


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Hoist is a nice design auto bot. Basically a repaint of Trailbreaker with a different back end. One of my faves.

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