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Curator's Notes:

The quintessential dinobot and one of the most iconic Autobots of all time, no child could resist the allure of a rebellious Tyranosaurus and ruckus ass-kicker with killer weapons and 4 dino-friends to help him pound on the Decepticons. Always in demand.

Tiny_grimlock_alt_mode Grimlock
Transformer Item 1 of 7
Tiny_pb200036 Energon Sword
Part Item 2 of 7
Tiny_pb200037 Twin Stunner Laser
Part Item 3 of 7
Tiny_pb190073 Galaxial Rocket Launcher
Part Item 4 of 7
45x45 Rocket x3
Part Item 5 of 7
Tiny_instr_grimlock Instructions
Part Item 6 of 7
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 7 of 7
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Reviewer: sportswolf3 (Feb 15, 2013)
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4 votes

Cant go wrong with the Dinobots and their leader is by far the best. I don't collect G1 figures, but i couldn't pass up the Dinobots. Grimlock is awesome and it is great to have a piece of transformer history

0 votes

This is THE transformers toy of my youth. Grimlock was the coolest toy to own. It was one of my first acquisitions as an adult collector. Along with MP-08. Iconic toy. Just wish it had blue eyes like the cartoon but no biggy. Please buy one if you don't have one. It's just perfect!

0 votes

one of the best G1 transformers. He looks great in both modes cartoon correct down to the head sculpt. cool transformation what can you say its grimy. very sterdy can suffer from weak legs after years of transforming

0 votes

Um, yeah, it's G1 Grimlock - a.k.a. Dinorobo, a.k.a. one of the most iconic and successful Transformer toys and characters of all time. A classic in every sense of the word, authentic vintage examples of this toy are prone to chromewear on the tail and dino arms. Loose jaws, loose arms and hands on the robot mode. A mint Grimlock is heaven.

0 votes

Leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock is not much in the way of brains but what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in strength. This figure is from the Series 2 line of Transformers, Generation 1.

0 votes

"Me, Grimlock, me king". Yes, Grimlock is the king of the Dinobots. A definite must have if you are a transformer collector.

0 votes

Grimlock is a must have in any transformer collection. Although his robot mode sucks his dinasour mode is rad

0 votes

G1 Transformers are the ones that started it all. Beginning in 1984 and going through 1990. Many of us enjoy these over others.

0 votes

It's a classic figure. Of course he has some of the old school klunkiness and blockiness to him but isn't that part of his charm?

0 votes

Me Grimlock, me king. Love that they made the dinobots. very collectable in my opinion. Can gt loose after a lot of transforming.

0 votes

The only thing that tops this figure is the masterpiece version i someday hope to acquire. Simple transformations that anyone can figure out. Although sometimes the feet/hands don't always hold position.

0 votes

great figure. love the details. perfect for display on shelf or desktop. must have for the collectors! love this guy, g1 is the best.

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