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Devastator Gift Set

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Whomp whomp. There're no Devastator Gift Sets for sale.

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Curator's Notes:

The first Transformer combiner ever released, Devestator was an instant hit due to his size, crazy colour scheme and fantastic playability. His 6 component robots were released both individually and as a gift set, and are constantly sought after.

45x45 Devastator
Transformer Item 1 of 30
Tiny_bonecrusher Bonecrusher
Transformer Item 2 of 30
Tiny_pb180012 Target Shooter/Devastator's Arm
Part Item 3 of 30
Tiny_pb180019 Rotor Blade
Part Item 4 of 30
Tiny_bone1 Laser Pistol
Part Item 5 of 30
Tiny_pb180013 Devastator's Left Fist
Part Item 6 of 30
Tiny_hook Hook
Transformer Item 7 of 30
Tiny_pb180136 Laser Pistol
Part Item 8 of 30
Tiny_pb180015 Devastator's Head Laser
Part Item 9 of 30
Tiny_pb180014 Devastator's Head
Part Item 10 of 30
Tiny_longhaul Long Haul
Transformer Item 11 of 30
Tiny_pb180017 Missile Mount
Part Item 12 of 30
Tiny_pb180016 Wing/Devastator's Cod Piece
Part Item 13 of 30
Tiny_long Laser Pistol
Part Item 14 of 30
Tiny_mixmaster Mixmaster
Transformer Item 15 of 30
Tiny_pb180010 Devastator's Magna Laser
Part Item 16 of 30
Tiny_pb180027 Twin Blaster Missile
Part Item 17 of 30
45x45 Twin Blaster Missile
Part Item 18 of 30
Tiny_mix1 Laser Pistol
Part Item 19 of 30
Tiny_scavenger Scavenger
Transformer Item 20 of 30
Tiny_pb180008 Target Launcher/Devastator's Arm
Part Item 21 of 30
Tiny_pb180019 Rotor Blade
Part Item 22 of 30
Tiny_scav1 Laser Pistol
Part Item 23 of 30
Tiny_pb180009 Devastator's Right Fist
Part Item 24 of 30
Tiny_scrapper Scrapper
Transformer Item 25 of 30
Tiny_pb180011 Devastator's Super Wing
Part Item 26 of 30
Tiny_scrap1 Laser Pistol
Part Item 27 of 30
Tiny_pb180018 Payloader Roof
Part Item 28 of 30
Tiny_instr_devastator Devastator Instructions
Part Item 29 of 30
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 30 of 30


0 votes

Actually high quality KO but there is no section for those ones, lol.

Awesome figure and quality is impeccable IMO.

0 votes

first combiner and great to have esp if You have O megasupreme. He does fall apart kinda easy but looks great in Devastator mode. KO gift sets are a dime a dozen on ebay so be ware. Mine has a repo box since my original box got ruined . But have everything else. Tech speck for devastator and only bios for the seperate ones. this is why you need the careded set as well

0 votes

Probably every TF collector's favorite combiner, Devastator will always be classic. The only combiner of the originals to feature 6 robots, and having what seemed like an endless amount of parts, weapons, etc.

0 votes

Got this one for a great price 7 years ago. I honestly hate having to combine him, it is hard because you have to be so gentle because certain parts of the constructicons are fragile. So I combined him, placed him in a protected display box, and then placed it in one of my curios. No more transforming for him ever again. Looks great in my curio though. Its to bad shelf life doesn't have the orange, and yellow G2 devastators on here, got them too, and did the same thing with them.

0 votes

I only have Hook's pistol. Also, hook is a mash of G1 and G2 Hooks, due to me having to fix various parts between the 2.

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