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Curator's Notes:

Astrotrain and Blitzwing were the first ever triple changers, Transformers that had two alternate modes along with their robot mode. As a tank and fighter jet, Blitzwing is the more popular of the two, and always in demand. Check for looseness before purchasing.

Tiny_img_6343 Blitzwing
Transformer Item 1 of 7
Tiny_pb180030 Concussion Missile x3
Part Item 2 of 7
Tiny_pb190024 Electron Scimitar
Part Item 3 of 7
Tiny_pb190023 Gyro-Blaster Rifle
Part Item 4 of 7
Tiny_img_4700 Instructions
Part Item 5 of 7
Tiny_pb190022 Removable Turret
Part Item 6 of 7
Tiny_instr_blitzwing Packaging
Packaging Item 7 of 7
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Reviewer: JTMitchell87 (Nov 29, 2008)
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Blitzwing is a Decepticon triple changer and transforms between Robot, Tank and Jet. Blitzwing has a removable tank turret that is easily broken, he also has difficulty balancing in robot mode and falls over a lot.

0 votes

perhaps the best Triple changer of the G1 era. Tank mode looks good although not perfect.

Jet mode is very nice, the robot mode is the weakest of the three but it oozes G1 goodness.

0 votes

Great shape, complete. An old fav from way back. Don't remember exactly where or how much but it was probably TFCON.

0 votes

-Set the Way-Back machine for 1985. This guy was advanced for his day
-I still love the artwork on these old instruction books! Early ones had actual pics
-Typical weapons assortment for G1 figs: swords, guns, and missiles.
-The articulation is laughable by today's standards but he's certainly well armed!
-The stickers are goofy but he looks cool from the back. No kibble!
-Really cool head sculpt and deco. Back when the faces were very human-like.
-I feel like this was one of the strongest Triple Changers of that era. Cool plane mode.
-Actually looks like a plane! WAYYT better fig than Astrotrain.
-Even the turret is pretty well hidden for the most part. Solid.
-Decent, if not as complete, tank-mode. Fake-y treads though always bugged me.
-This guy's got Loy's of die-cast metal parts which is what's cool about G1 figs.
-Neat tank profile except for the GIANT HINGE in the middle of the treads.
-Nice retro G1 Triple Changer and worth adding to your collection.

Rating: BUY

0 votes

top says removeable turret its true it does come off but why?? Blitzwing looks good in both tank and jet mode but like all triple changers he suffers some in one mode and that's bot mode. he has tiny arms that are in front and not really to his sides and the head sculp is half hearted attempt at a head. not bad over all

0 votes

Blitz wing , a triple changer that went from robot to tank to plane. Not very articulate and the feet, which were the smaller wings, tend to fall sometimes.

0 votes

I hope they do a masterpiece version of blitzwing, he is definitely one of the top 20 characters in the transformers catalog

0 votes

This one has never had any stickers applied to it, and I don't have any of the weapons. The figure itself is in amazing condition.

0 votes

A triple changer? Blow my mind Blitswing was a great toy 33 percent more bang for your buck and i thought two modes was good enough.

0 votes

one of the first triple changers to appear on the g1 series. Blitzwing only prolems in my opinion was his feet would get really loose after awhile.

0 votes

Another awesome G1 figure. He looks almost like his cartoon character but the face is very different.. He isnt very articulate at all but most G1 Figures warn t. Still all in all a great piece of history and a very cool piece. He is a triple changer and looks cool in all modes. His Jet mode is iffy but hey he is a G1 and was an awesome character so we will cut him some slack. ;)

0 votes

Mine is practically stripped to the bone, lacking all accessories, not mention its hands and tank-bits.

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This toy has the limited articulation that is typical with G1, but as usual for the line is lots of fun to play with. All three modes are fantastic and look great.

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