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Curator's Notes:

Created to play counterpoint to the classic Series 1 Decepticon Soundwave, Blaster didn't get cassette backup until future series. He is relatively easy to find at a good price and should be checked for tight joints where possible.

Tiny_blaster__large_ Blaster
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Tiny_pb200061 Electro-Scrambler Gun
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Tiny_instr_blaster Instructions
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45x45 Packaging
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Reviewer: rwalters6986 (Nov 29, 2007)
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Hmm, let's see here. He's as big as a Masterpiece figure, he is orange, a lion can jump out of his chest and he likes to breakdance. Yes, Blaster is one of the most important Transformers a collector can own. And hey, if the buttons on his deck are broken and jammed, it's pretty easy to fix. Google it!

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Blaster was one of the bigger transformer figures that turned int o very cool looking boom box that would eject and hold his cassette minions.

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Blaster I guess they didn't want to call him Ghetto Blaster because that might be racist if they used a black voice actor...Hahah

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One of the larger G1 figures, what he lacks in articulation, he made up for in sheer size. The functional front door on the cassette deck was a revelation back in the day. Otherwise, a very simple and fun transformation, but not much else going on with this guy. No elbows or knees, just a big huge boombox! Still very cool, although simple, even by G1 standards.

0 votes

his ears are easily droken off if not carefull, can become loose with too much transforming, but is a nice enemy for your soundwave.

0 votes

Fits transformer cassettes and has some nice molded features. The working buttons are a nice touch as well.

0 votes

Got this on eBay for my wife about 3 years ago. He is in totally Mint Condition, the cassette door works extremely well. A very good find for a great price.

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Another awesome G1 figure. He looks almost like his cartoon character but the face is very different. I believe you can get a model now with a more accurate face but the original face mold didnt match his face at all. He isnt very articulate at all but most G1 Figures warn t. Still all in a ll a great piece of history and a very cool piece.

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For a G1 figure its got quite a lot of detail and moving parts, the tape eject button mechanism is quite interesting, I have to take it apart to get it to work properly again.

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This is exactly why Autobots suck. Jetfire notwithstanding, Autobots are always cheap rip-offs of any cool concept shown in a Decepticon character.

Blaster, on the surface, should be cooler than Soundwave, because ghettoblasters are way better than tiny Sony walkmen. And yet this toy feels like a cheap piece of plastic, with a goofy-ass robot mode that would look better breakdancing on a piece of cardboard than running around blowing up other robots.

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