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Curator's Notes:

Astrotrain and Blitzwing were the first ever triple changers, Transformers that had two alternate modes along with their robot mode. As a space shuttle and a locomotive, Astrotrain was a highly popular toy, though slightly overshadowed by the still cooler alt modes of Blitzwing.

Tiny_astrotrain Astrotrain
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Tiny_pb190018 Ionic Displacer Rifle
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Tiny_instr_astrotrain Instructions
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45x45 Packaging
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Reviewer: Darryl Laughy (Nov 16, 2012)
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Astrotrain is a Decepticon triple changer and transforms between Robot Space shuttle and Steam locomotive.

0 votes

The best triple changer of all. They have never done a reissue in this color which makes it that much more rare.

0 votes

triple changer looks good in both train and shuttle mode terrible in bot mode. neat idea one of the first triple changers he was followed by blitzwing and later octange. not a bad TF black and purple colors nice to look at over all not bad

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Hey, remember when Cosmos crashed on one of the moons of Saturn and the natives there worshipped him as a god? Soon Astrotrain showed up, with Starscream and Thrust riding INSIDE of him with room to spare. Yet when Astrotrain transformed he was not much larger than either of his passengers. The episode was called "The God Gambit" and is the best example of Astotrain's insane ego. And you better have an ego if your one of the most massively out of scale G1 transformers of all time. Still, a great triple change design with one of my personal favorite arm assemblies ever. Tasty.

0 votes

Astrotrain is a Decepticon triple changer that transforms from a robot to spaceship to train. Seen many with broken abdomen.

0 votes

astrotrain is also in my top 20 all time best transformers list. I hope they do a masterpiece version of this character.

0 votes

Love G1! If anyone has the box for this let me know!! Im looking for all sorts of G1 figures to fill in my collection!!

0 votes

nice diecast on certain parts. Triple changer is a great feature on astrotrain. transforms easily.

0 votes

Astrotrain has always been one of my favorites; the only bad thing I think anyone can say is about this toy is that it's small. IMHO, no collection is complete without it.

0 votes

Awesome G1 Figure the only draw back is the fact he is really small. And Astro train in the show is a huge guy. Not so much in robot form but in vehicle mode he is suppose to beable to load up entire armys and fly or train away. So that's the only draw back. But he is a triple changer and a very sweet figure.

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this toy maybe small but it is to cool not to have for your collection. the shuttle mode is great. the train is on old coal powered train and is great.

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One of the first triple-changers. This figure blew my mind when it was first released.

Both alt modes are excellent, and the combination of die-cast parts and plastic is pretty seamless. Don't throw this at your brother, though. Speaking from experience. Astrotrain can hurt!

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