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Curator's Notes:

Mechanical engineer to the Series 1 Autobots, Wheeljack's distincitive head shoulder mounted missle launchers make him hard to ignore. Serious collectors will take note that there is a Diaclone "Marlboro" version of this toy which is very hard to find.

Tiny_wheeljack Wheeljack
Transformer Item 1 of 10
Tiny_pb200135 Right Cannon
Part Item 2 of 10
Tiny_pb200135 Left Cannon
Part Item 3 of 10
Tiny_pb180035 Missile x4
Part Item 4 of 10
Tiny_pb200136 Right Wing
Part Item 5 of 10
Tiny_pb200137 Left Wing
Part Item 6 of 10
Tiny_pb190040 Right Spoiler
Part Item 7 of 10
Tiny_pb190041 Left Spoiler
Part Item 8 of 10
Tiny_instr_wheeljack Instruction Booklet
Part Item 9 of 10
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 10 of 10
2 Video Reviews
Reviewer: Darryl Laughy (Aug 17, 2012)
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0 votes

The first Transformer I ever had was Wheeljack. Wheeljack is hard to find without any paint chips, or yellowing.

Mine has spoilers from the KO version, they fit fine., and is in the KO box for safe keeping.

0 votes

Actually high quality KO but there is no section for those ones, lol.

Awesome figure and quality is impeccable IMO.

0 votes

very cool toy arms are a bit long but looks nice in both modes. the clear see through wings on his back are easily lost as well are his misles next the rear spoilers can be lost as well.

0 votes

Wheel jack, the Italian race car has a great vehicular mode, and his robot mode isn't too bad. With his big bulky hands, Wheeljack is still a great looking dude.

0 votes

A decent figure for a good character. I have been dying for a G1 Wheeljack, and although I have the Generations Wheeljack, I also wanted this one.

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