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Seller: toyhell.com
# For Sale: 1
Condition: Mint In Packaging
Included Items: 15/15
Ships From : CA, United States

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Seller's Notes:

Mint in box. C9+ toy complete in C7 box. Bend on top two corners of flap. All inserts included(catalog, instructions, decoder strip, mailaway offer). Decals applied. No bubble included. Bilingual French Box.


45x45 Thundercracker
Transformer 1 of 17
45x45 Left Wing
Part 2 of 17
45x45 Right Wing
Part 3 of 17
45x45 Left Rudder
Part 4 of 17
45x45 Right Rudder
Part 5 of 17
45x45 Left Tail Fin
Part 6 of 17
45x45 Right Tail Fin
Part 7 of 17
45x45 2x Missile Launcher
Part 8 of 17
45x45 2x Missile (Short)
Part 9 of 17
45x45 2x Incendiary Gun (Long)
Part 10 of 17
45x45 Left Fist (Slotted)
Part 11 of 17
45x45 Right Fist (Slotted)
Part 12 of 17
45x45 Landing Gear
Part 13 of 17
45x45 Instruction Booklet
Part 14 of 17
45x45 Packaging
Packaging 15 of 17

Not Included

45x45 Left Fist (Solid)
(variant a)
Part 11 of 17
45x45 Right Fist (Solid)
(variant a)
Part 12 of 17

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