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Curator's Notes:

Thundercracker is likely the least sought after of the Series 1 seeker jets as his character was often downplayed in the original cartoon and his paint job is less interesting than the others. Based on the same mold as Starscream and Thundercracker with only differences in paint and stickers. Note: All seeker jets came with one of two variants of their fists (slotted vs. solid).

Tiny_thundercracker Thundercracker
Transformer Item 1 of 17
Tiny_pb200087 Left Wing
Part Item 2 of 17
Tiny_pb200086 Right Wing
Part Item 3 of 17
Tiny_pb200091 Left Rudder
Part Item 4 of 17
Tiny_pb200089 Right Rudder
Part Item 5 of 17
Tiny_pb200090 Left Tail Fin
Part Item 6 of 17
Tiny_pb200088 Right Tail Fin
Part Item 7 of 17
Tiny_pb200083 Missile Launcher x2
Part Item 8 of 17
Tiny_pb180014 Missile (Short) x2
Part Item 9 of 17
Tiny_pb180013 Incendiary Gun (Long) x2
Part Item 10 of 17
Tiny_pb200085 Left Fist (Slotted)
Part Item 11 of 17
Tiny_pb200084 Right Fist (Slotted)
Part Item 12 of 17
Tiny_pb200125 Left Fist (Solid)
(variant a)
Part Item 13 of 17
Tiny_pb200124 Right Fist (Solid)
(variant a)
Part Item 14 of 17
Tiny_pb200082 Landing Gear
Part Item 15 of 17
Tiny_instr_thundercracker Instruction Booklet
Part Item 16 of 17
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 17 of 17


0 votes

thundercracker one of the 3 seekers looks good in both modes esp for the day. Thundercraker was the second con i got. same accessories as Starscream. Missles are most commonly lost esp the cluster bombs. as the longer Null ray missles were larger and easier to find.

0 votes

One of the three seeker jets with the same moles just a different colour scheme. Lots of accessories.

0 votes

One of the best in my collection. a 1984 original. Small post wings and single tabbed fists. Have the box and the insert and everything. This is one of many Transformers that a co-worker gave me. Most all in the collection are mint in box. I love G1 and will not sell these anytime soon.

0 votes

Got this one on eBay about 4 years ago. This one was much harder to find in near mint condition. I lucked out getting this one complete in this great of shape for the price I paid. Very happy with this figure.

0 votes

Not the best mold, but a fun one if you can afford it. I am looking for some of his many parts, though.

0 votes

Fun G1 character that is part of the iconic Seeker mold. Not the best color scheme, but still a fun toy for G1 collectors!

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