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Curator's Notes:

Skywarp is the wild and cruel "Seeker" and perhaps the most handsome to have on your shelf with his black and purple deco. Based on the same mold as Starscream and Thundercracker with only differences in paint and stickers. Note: All seeker jets came with one of two variants of their fists (slotted vs. solid).

Tiny_skywarp Skywarp
Transformer Item 1 of 17
Tiny_pb200118 Left Wing
Part Item 2 of 17
Tiny_pb200119 Right Wing
Part Item 3 of 17
Tiny_pb200122 Left Rudder
Part Item 4 of 17
Tiny_pb200122 Right Rudder
Part Item 5 of 17
Tiny_pb200120 Left Tail Fin
Part Item 6 of 17
Tiny_pb200121 Right Tail Fin
Part Item 7 of 17
Tiny_pb200115 Missile Launcher x2
Part Item 8 of 17
Tiny_pb180031 Missile (Short) x2
Part Item 9 of 17
45x45 Machine Gun (Long) x2
Part Item 10 of 17
Tiny_pb200085 Left Fist (Slotted)
Part Item 11 of 17
Tiny_pb200084 Right Fist (Slotted)
Part Item 12 of 17
Tiny_pb200125 Left Fist (Solid)
(variant a)
Part Item 13 of 17
Tiny_pb200124 Right Fist (Solid)
(variant a)
Part Item 14 of 17
Tiny_pb200082 Landing Gear
Part Item 15 of 17
Tiny_instr_skywarp Instruction Booklet
Part Item 16 of 17
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 17 of 17


0 votes

last of the original seekers great bot recolor of the other two but in a cool black and purple set up. like all the seekers looks good in all modes arms can get loose and have trouble staying in a raised posed setting.

0 votes

Skyward is one of the 3 seeker jets of the same mold, but with a different colour variation. Lots of pieces to lose if you are not careful.

0 votes

Seen some sun. Nice figure. one of the launchers is missing the purple ring. The box is in good condition, however I am missing the insert.

0 votes

Got this one on eBay about 4 years ago. I think skywarp is a great character, especially G1. I love having this figure, the original vintage skywarp, brings back a lot of good memories. What a great figure.

0 votes

Decent toy, not one I would jump all over unless you're a huge fan of the character. Gow with reissues when possible.

0 votes

A somewhat awkward robot mode can't overcome the awesome that is the jet mode of Skywarp and his seeker brothers Starscream and Thundercracker. Essential for anyone who likes flying Decepticons.

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