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Curator's Notes:

Optimus Prime may have been the most iconic, but Megatron was undoubtedly the most badass of all Series 1 Transformers. An evil looking robot with a giant standing cannon, Megatorn transforms into a gorgeous Walther P-38 replica complete with die-cast parts, a scope, stock and silencer. Walking around your neighbourhood could easily have gotten you shot as the 2 foot long result was menacing in a way only a 10 year old can fully appreciate. A must-have for any Decepticon fan at any price.

Tiny_g1_s1_megatron_mlc4 Megatron
Transformer Item 1 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__1_ Silencer (Front)
Part Item 2 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__2_ Silencer (Back)
Part Item 3 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__3_ Telescopic Sight (Front)
Part Item 4 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__4_ Telescopic Sight (Middle)
Part Item 5 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__5_ Telescopic Sight (Back)
Part Item 6 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__6_ Stock (Front)
Part Item 7 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__7_ Stock (Middle)
Part Item 8 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__8_ Stock (Back)
Part Item 9 of 13
Tiny_megatron_g1__9_ High-Density Infrared Laser Cannon
Part Item 10 of 13
Tiny_instr_megatron Instruction Booklet
Part Item 11 of 13
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 12 of 13
Tiny_pb250041 Sticker Sheet
Part Item 13 of 13
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Reviewer: darthdevious (Dec 14, 2011)
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I took mine apart as a kid ( I was 9). Once I had unscrewed everything and put it in the bucket, I stared at the mass of unidentifiable bits for about 10 minutes contemplating the gravity of my new situation.


I never got him back together right.

They aren't G.I. Joes, be careful. :D

0 votes

I love this guy. Hes a great figure with fantastic engineering for the time that he was available. The gun mode is also really good being extremely accurate to a real weapon.

0 votes

megtron is also a first issue has spring loaded gun that still fired rubber bullets. still minty fresh looks awsome in gun mode but soo horrible in bot mode. Very fragil common problems arms broke off and chrome wear. US got stock extentions the Jap version got the huge sword

0 votes

Transformers have stood the test of time to make it over 25 years and still going strong. Creative and fun toys when i was a kid its good to see some childhood memories live on.
The evil Lord of the Decepticons Megatron is as charismatic as he is devious in his pplots to take over the universe. Great toy that allowed for mulitple types of pretend play. Unlike the majority of toys at this time it only sucked that in pistol mode megatron didnt really fit in with the other planes cars and the like

0 votes

Megaton, leader of the deceptions. Modelled after an actual gun. Very impressive alternate mode with the clip on components.

0 votes

My first transformer! I remember getting this in 1984 at Toys R Us. I was very young, I remember the box being HUGE! Not the case today. This figure has been replaced with a 16 special reissue. My original is missing his arms, Im in need of those....

0 votes

took me awhile to get megatron complete in an open box, but i got him. Very nice piece, looks great when he is in gun mode.

0 votes

Here is my favorite besides the masterpiece version ofcourse. ;) I always aas a kid wanted this figure but could never find him until I was an adult. It may not look like him but it was the best they had at the time. Still a classic and still a fav. He isn't super articulate at all but makes a cool display in gun mode.

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Great gun mode. Terrible robot mode. Cool as heck in the cartoon. A lot of fun for and eight year old in 1984.

0 votes

excellent toy favorite type of weapon ized toy chrome is excellent joints are tight still squeaks when transformed

0 votes

One of the greatest Transformers of all time. So bad-ass looking you can't even walk the streets with it legally in most of the USA. Incredible gun mode held back only by a fairly delicate, far from kid friendly robot mode. The toy ever kid wanted Xmas morning 1984 and would still be happy with today.

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