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Tiny_s1_brawn_mlc2 Brawn
Tiny_instr_brawn Packaging
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Curator's Notes:

One of 6 Series 1 mini-cars Brawn is notable for his delicate arm construction and his supposedly immense strength when in robot mode. Fairly easy to find at a price close to his original cost 25 years ago.

Tiny_s1_brawn_mlc2 Brawn
Transformer Item 1 of 2
Tiny_instr_brawn Packaging
Packaging Item 2 of 2
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Reviewer: UltimateG1Reviewer (Apr 7, 2012)
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Standard mini-bot, not very good, simple transformation, still fun. Looks noting like his cartoon counterpart.

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An awesome piece for my collection. One of many minibots to add to my ever-growing collection. Roll out!

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Nothing special about Brawn. He's a minibot and he is G1. Looks like the beige version. I forget his name. Anyways great scale with generations metroplex

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great car like the gen one charicture has weird like silver arms and door wings later recolored and sold as outback.. fun guy esy to find and cheap. not a bad lil bot...

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Which Brawn do you want? Solid face? Faceplate face? Slanted solid face? The choices are limitless - ok, there are 3. But if you engage in the punishing sub-set of Transformers collecting, you should at least know that there are 3 American Brawns out there. They are all awesome green jeeps, of course. And Brawn is a classic character as well as a weird-looking robot with capital letter G's for hands.

0 votes

One of the toughest autobots, Brawn definitely has a chip on his shoulder. Not the prettiest looking robot mode, but still pretty cool.

0 votes

I am glad igear created the not brawn version cause this version is just terrible! It doesn't capture him at all.

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Brawn is a top tier little buttkicker. As one of the mini robots, he has a very simple transformation and his head, like many of them, is part of his molding. While he may not look like much, there's a reason this toy is a collection staple. A great, solid little guy, without whom no G1 Autobot collection will ever truly be complete.

0 votes

legs can be loose or stiff to transform. otherwise very easily done. I find mine doesn't stand well unless leaned up against something.

0 votes

One leg has snapped in half at the supposed "knee". I would buy this if only for parts for customs.

0 votes

This is another great figure. Even though he was small it did'nt matter to him because he was going to kick some butt.

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He's a great little figure. I picked him up in 1984 and he was a staple of my collection for years.

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