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Curator's Notes:

The Series 1 Autobot Cars are coveted by TF fans for their great race car alt-modes, solid weapon kits and die-cast parts. Bluesteak's easily broken hood piece makes him one of the most valuable MISB G1 Transformers ever, with prime specimens selling for hundreds of dollars (USD). Ironically his name is based on a blue version that never came out in North America under the TF brand. A great addition to any collection.

Tiny_bluestreak2 Bluestreak
Transformer Item 1 of 7
Tiny_pb200107 Electron Rifle
Part Item 2 of 7
Tiny_pb200106 Missile Launcher (Right)
Part Item 3 of 7
Tiny_pb200106 Missile Launcher (Left)
Part Item 4 of 7
Tiny_pb180018 Incendiary Missile x3
Part Item 5 of 7
Tiny_instr_bluestreak Instruction Booklet
Part Item 6 of 7
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 7 of 7
1 Video Review
Reviewer: maverikii (Jan 16, 2009)
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Great G1 figure based of the classic Datsun / Nissan 280 ZX Turbo (The "V" shaped hood scoop is the Turbo intake). Had good articulation for a G1 toy including shoulder rotation, pivoting elbows, and rotating wrists.

0 votes

Pre-rub version came with silver launchers, rub version with red launchers. Really like this character.

0 votes

found blue streak/Silver streak at a grage sale still in box the owner said he transformed t like tow or three times got bored with it and put it away the 3rd car brother to Prowl and smoke screen. Diaclone version Fairlady z

0 votes

He's not blue, but he doesn't need to be. Bluestreak's overall appearance is quite nice. The same mold was also used for prowl and smokescreen.

0 votes

G1, is awesome what can I say? These figures are iconic in every way. The beginning of a new era of action figures.

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One of my favorites. the only thing i don't like is how easily the rear window can be broken off. otherwise a nice.

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great toy has fairlady z decals all complete normal wear for a 25 some odd yr old toy was excited to add to my colletion

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