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Curator's Notes:

Twin brother to Sunstreaker, Sideswipe is the more rowdy and unpredictable of the two and is in high demand due to his red hot Lambo car mode. Sideswipe, was never released at TRU in the USA, but instead at Kay Bee Toys.

45x45 Sideswipe
Transformer Item 1 of 6
45x45 Photon Rifle
Part Item 2 of 6
45x45 Rocket Launcher
Part Item 3 of 6
45x45 Rocket x3
Part Item 4 of 6
45x45 Instruction Booklet
Part Item 5 of 6
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 6 of 6


0 votes

super rare due to the series being canceled before he was widely issued. got lucky saw him on the website bought him he was gone the next day... He is basically the same as his Gen One self but have not seen if the made his weapons soft plastic like the did the others but he looks pretty much the same...

0 votes

Really great figure. The die-cast metal legs give it a lot of weight, and the vehicle mode is really nice. Only con is the removed springs from the launcher.

0 votes

great figure. love the details. perfect for display on shelf or desktop. must have for the collectors! love this guy, homage to the g1.

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