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DARKSTEEL is a traditionalist. As a student of the most respected DECEPTICON warrior on CYBERTRON, he learned there is no substitute for a razor-sharp blade and clever mind. Blasters and cannons get the job done, but may fail in the heat of battle. The blade never falters! It's an AUTOBOT-DECEPTICON smackdown, and you've got the ultimate warrior for evil with your DARKSTEEL figure! In robot mode, this figure has the blaster he needs to take on all comers. But when you convert him to CORVETTE STINGRAY concept vehicle mode, his blaster converts to a Cybertronian sword! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his enemies throw at him! Figure comes with blaster accessory.

Tiny_darksteel__3_ Darksteel
Transformer Item 1 of 4
Tiny_darksteel__2_ Blaster/Cybertronian Sword
Part Item 2 of 4
Tiny_darksteel__1_ Instructions
Paperwork Item 3 of 4
Tiny_dscn1311 Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4
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Reviewer: darthdevious (Dec 28, 2012)
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A decent figure, though I'm not too sure who it's supposed to homage. Yet another great addition to the Movie lineup.

0 votes

I appreciate homages to fan favorites, so I decided to buy this on a whim when I saw it at 5 and Below... Now I remember why I only bought one Dark of the Moon figure...

Aside from being somewhat small, something that I can kinda live with, it feels really cheap and has the awful MechTech gimmick that I can't stand. The joints feel kind of floppy and loose right out of the packaging and nothing really locks in place.

0 votes

not bad i just wish that they used a different mold. i feel if that used the the um one with teh dreds it would have worked

0 votes

Looks like anothe recolor of a different transformer. Oh well, nice version with Darksteel, great coloring too.

0 votes

Another of the myriad of painful-to-look-at movie-verse robots. As with most of the DOTM line, I got this on clearance. The alt mode looks like crap with the see-thru floor and car bottom that hangs the wheels up off the ground. Robot mode ain't much better. I don't like the paint scheme, there's too much stray kibble, and the feet are very hard to position without the thing falling over. Again, most of this is due to the horrible movie aesthetics.

0 votes

Basically, a Sideswipe repaint with a new head mold. While I'm not a huge fan of this mold and did not wind up buying Sideswipe from this line, wow, does Darksteel make it look GOOD. This figure just comes out looking very slick in either mode and I highly recommend him for fans of the movie line. The dark plastic and bright greens and yellows of his paintjob work well with the slightly insectile look of the Bayverse 'formers.

0 votes

This figure loked a little goofy in the package, but the robot mode made up for it. I honestly think that this figure looks better than Sideswipe (same mold, different paint). Though the fact that you can see through the car mode's floor is silly looking and the feet are a little odd looking on this figure it is far from perfect.

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