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Air Raid

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Flying high above the fray, AIR RAID provides a high-precision picture of the terrain, DECEPTICON troop movement and any other details of the battlefield that may hinder an AUTOBOT assault. His battle shield converts to a powerful ion pulse blaster when his fellow AUTOBOTS are in need of some high-altitude reinforcement! Spring into action with this vehicle-to-robot hero! Convert your mighty AIR RAID figure from recon jet mode to battle-ready robot mode. Then convert him back to vehicle mode so he can chase down his enemies! As the battle rages on, keep converting him back and forth, so he's ready to face whatever his enemies throw at him!

Tiny_air_raid__3_ Air Raid
Transformer Item 1 of 4
Tiny_airraid_shield Battle Shield/Pulse Blaster
Part Item 2 of 4
Tiny_dotm_airraid Instructions
Paperwork Item 3 of 4
Tiny_air_raid__1_ Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4
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Reviewer: darthdevious (Sep 21, 2012)
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0 votes

Even though it's not one of the actual movie figures, this figure was surprisingly good. The mace-hand thingy was really weird at first, but it tends to grow on me.

0 votes

I got this when Wal-Mart was clearancing their DOTM stuff for $7.47. I sure am glad I didn't pay anymore for this figure. I really like his alt-mode and how the shield/radar dish attaches, but his bot mode is one of the worst in my collection. His legs are long, spindly, look wierd, and he might have knees but I'm not sure. I do not like his right arm at all. He has no hand and the tail fins kind of get in the way of posability. I'm giving him 3 stars for the alt-mode and shield/radar dish but he loses 2 because of the lousy bot mode.

0 votes

Really nice deluxe figure to come out at the end of the Dark of the Moon line. Well worth the purchase.

0 votes

Good way to hide the mechtech weapon in the radar dish. Just to simple to transform and no way to hide the back fist.

0 votes

One of the nicer DOTM molds, mostly due to him being a new character and not just another Bumblebee. Air Raid has a neat design, sort of reminiscent of a knight, with his flail like weapon and shield. He's well worth it if you're into expanded universe movieverse figures.

0 votes

Due to him being kinda skinny in jet mode, to me he feels hollow in robot mode. I wish he had a normal hand and his tail could detach, but still not that bad of a figure. Picked him up just because I didn't wanna leave the store empty handed.

0 votes

Neat looking alt mode. Robot mode isn't that great. He doesn't have a right hand, just a...thing. Decent articulation.

0 votes

Hands a little too lose, otherwise nice figure. Not the best Plane figure that has been released but ok

0 votes

Though he's a bit spindly-legged in robot mode, that hardly changes the fact that this is a good toy. One of the rare new-mold figures, he gives us a fresh new altmode of a cool plane that isn't of a type we often see in this franchise, and a very nice, gladiatorial-looking robot mode. His transformation is good, which also makes him stand out in the line, and mine at least has great joints. And you know what? The fact that he's so underrated means he can sometimes be found on thrift or clearance shelves still. Their loss is your gain--Air Raid makes for a solid addition to your collection, if you find him!

0 votes

awesome piece and coloring for this figure. It's nice to see air raid in this form rather than the g1 combiner.

0 votes

A plane mode that is rarely seen in a Transformers toy line - and there's a good reason. The long, thin commercial jet style doesn't provide enough plastic bulk to create a decent robot mode out of. The result is a spindly bot that has a real tough time staying up.

0 votes

Air Raid's airplane mode is awesome. In fact its what attracted me to the figure in the first place. I saw the robot design and thought that it might look better in person than it did on the packaging. Though it does look a little better than the packaging shows, his robot mode is a little awkward, especially since one of his hands is the entire tail assembly of his airplane mode. It just looks lazy from a design standpoint. His vehicle mode is still a good reason to pick him up if you find him cheap.

0 votes

Air Raid is probably the only non-movie character to get a toy in the Dark of the Moon toyline that isn't a repaint/remold of a previous toy, and feels unique from all the rest. His is also the only toy in wave 5 of deluxe figures to be a new mold. His MechTech weapon is one of the better MechTech weapons in the line, and works really well in both modes, being a radar dish in jet mode, which you need in order for the jet to be more accurate to it's real life counterpart, and a Captain America style shield in robot mode. His robot mode has a very gladiator style look to him, with a crest on the head, and having a mace and shield to hold ready for battle. He has good articulation, though one of the legs is very loose on mine. He has a good transformation, though the spine area is really tight, and requires pushing and pulling it very hard, which makes me nervous, as I feel I may break it whenever I transform the figure. I really think you should buy this figure, as it makes a great addition to your Dark of the Moon collection. Air Raid gets an 8/10 from me.

0 votes

highly underestimated figure great articulation nice mechtech gimmick for once fun transformation and nice paint apps

0 votes

A surprisingly wonderful figure, and a gem in the otherwise painful selection of Deluxes in the DOTM line. Air Raid sports a nice jet mode, a fun transformation and a quirky robot mode that comes together nicely. Leg articulation is a little wonky, but he's still, IMO, the best Deluxe in the entire line. Go on, buy him, you know you want to. >:)

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