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Wing Saber

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Whomp whomp. There're no Wing Sabers for sale.

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Tiny_wing_saber__7_ Wing Saber
Transformer Item 1 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__9_ Cybertron Autobot Key
Part Item 2 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__6_ Gun (L)
Part Item 3 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__7a__right_front Gun (R)
Part Item 4 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__7_ Launcher (L)
Part Item 5 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__5a__right Launcher (R)
Part Item 6 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__1_ Blade (L)
Part Item 7 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__2a__right Blade (R)
Part Item 8 of 12
Tiny_wing_saber_cyb__8_ Missile
Part Item 9 of 12
45x45 Instructions
Paperwork Item 10 of 12
45x45 Jungle Planet Poster
Paperwork Item 11 of 12
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 12 of 12


0 votes

Sweet looking alt mode, and I like how this figure can combine with cybertron Optimus Prime. The transformation is kinda terrible and the robot mode isn't very articulate, but this figure does at least look sweet.

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