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Override GTS

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Whomp whomp. There're no Override GTs for sale.

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Tiny_dscn1788 Override GTS
Transformer Item 1 of 6
Tiny_dscn1785 Speed Planet Key
Part Item 2 of 6
Tiny_dscn1786 Gun/Spoiler
Part Item 3 of 6
Tiny_dscn1783 Instructions
Paperwork Item 4 of 6
45x45 Jungle Planet Poster
Paperwork Item 5 of 6
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 6 of 6


1 vote

This figure is very nice and looks like what we saw in the show. The transformation is fun and is an overall great figure.

0 votes

A repaint of Cybertron Override, this toy is essentially a mess. While the altmode is 'cool' looking, it holds together poorly thanks to the toy's weirdly Activator-like 'push button' transformation, and tends to start popping apart if it is so much as jostled. She fares no better in robot mode, where she is clunky, strangely proportioned, and has no degree of either articulation or balance to speak of.
Put succinctly, I paid a dollar for this, and I'm still not sure I didn't get ripped off.

0 votes

I don't like this figure, and I'm not overly sure why I bought it. The alt mode is quirky, the robot mode is disproportionate and inarticulate.

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