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Tiny_big_cybertron_basic_clocker_loose_robot Clocker
Transformer Item 1 of 8
Tiny_100_5266 Speed Planet Key
Part Item 2 of 8
Tiny_22076 Gun/Engine
Part Item 3 of 8
Tiny_22072 Side Pipe (L)
Part Item 4 of 8
Tiny_22073 Side Pipe (R)
Part Item 5 of 8
Tiny_8395 Instructions
Paperwork Item 6 of 8
Tiny_dscn1744 Speed Planet Poster
Paperwork Item 7 of 8
Tiny_6833 Packaging
Packaging Item 8 of 8
8 Video Reviews
Reviewer: greattoyreviewer (May 28, 2013)
1 vote +1 / -1


1 vote

Clocker is a cool figure. He looks show accurate. He comes with the Speed Planet Key and a Speed Planet Poster.

0 votes

Not much going on here. the "cybertronian" key unlocks the weapon... somehow. The side pipes are pretty fugly when used as weapons.

0 votes

autobot clocker is a great scout class figure from the speed planet velocitron and looks up to hot shot

0 votes

A fairly solid scout-class figure, with about the transformation and articulation you should expect from the class. Still, not a bad buy, especially since he's easy to find below his original selling price. Personally prefer this mold in its slick red redeco as Swerve.

0 votes

not the best figure, but then again only a select few figures from the unicron trilogy could be deem as good figures lol

0 votes

Awesome color-scheme, and for a scout-class figure he's fairly articulate. Its the figure's vehicle mode that I like the most though. ZOOM ZOOM!

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